Weddings | Family Restaurant Kamari Beach
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Inspiration, experience, innovation… make a glamorous wedding party!

How about a wedding ceremony on the beach? Barefoot in the twilight, or surrounded by candles!
Even if wedding is not held on the beach, Family Restaurant is the ideal place for a wedding party! A buffet or served dinner with a great variety of menus. As for the result?
A perfect environment, fine food, a relaxed atmosphere, feel-good music…
One thing is certain – it will be the wedding everyone will remember forever. And most of all, you

Special Occasions Menus

Special Occasions Buffet Menus

*The above menus are some proposed selections based on our experience. We are always open in creating your own custom menu.
These menus are suitable for all special occasion such as weddings, birthdays, Vow Renewal or any other occasion you may need.