Location | Family Restaurant Kamari Beach
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Kamari –  Santorini

A shelter of five senses in front of the waves in a deep blue background of Aegean Sea.


Kamari is a cosmopolitan beach resort on the south east of Santorini, which has been awarded the Blue Flag. The long stretch of beach lies under the impressive mountain of Mesa Vouno. The water is deep and blue, the sand is black and there is a lifeguard on duty.


A stone-paved promenade for strolling that runs parallel to the beach stretches across the crescent moon shaped bay. This is closed off to traffic during the summer months.


Kamari offers a wealth of cafes, bars, restaurants, shops and supermarkets, as well as a lively nightlife. The beach is organized, with sun beds, umbrellas, water sports and diving.

Call our restaurant: +30 22860 33644

Kamari Santorini 84700, GREECE – Phone: +30 22860 33644 – Fax: +30 22860 33644 – Mobile: +30 6948 544 369 – Email: info@restaurant-family.com